December 11, 2023

Choosing a Highly-Paying Network Marketing Plan – the 5 Sure Indicators

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Highly-Paying Network

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Lgiordani | Choosing a Highly-Paying Network Marketing Plan – the 5 Sure Indicators | Different network marketing companies have different marketing plans, and most people do not know what to look out for in the best and most rewarding network marketing plan. However, there are five simple indictors of the best network marketing plans. 

How lucid is the plan to you?

You should never go for a plan you do not clearly understand. If the company has to take you through a three-hour seminar for them to get the network marketing plan into your system, do not even think of joining it. Most network marketing companies just tell the marketers to just add as many down-lines as they can without bothering how compensation will come. This doesn’t sound bad, but it would not look logical if you just operated your boutique without knowing how much profits you are making after replacing stock and deducting expenses.

How is the payment plan?

The compensation you get should strictly be based on a criterion that is within your control. Their payment plan should not be one that gives compensation “up to” a certain level, because this means that at some point in the network, you will stop earning. Companies which stop paying you at some point in the network do so because they are not capable of supporting huge networks. Therefore, you are caught in between a rock and a hard place, because if you bring in too much expansion, you are domed – if you remain inactive, you are also doomed.

How much commission do you get?

The output you get, in terms of compensation, should be directly proportional to the effort you use to make an input. Be very sober and analytical when reviewing the compensation scheme of the network marketing plan. Do not focus on the glittery bonus jargon that most companies have; ask logical questions on exactly how much commission you get per sale or per down-line. 

How good are the products?

Also, do not put your main focus on the product prices of the company. The main thing you should look at is whether the products give the customers value for their money. The compensation should not be fully based on volume of sales and recruitment, but the time and effort you put in should also be considered. 

How are the terms and conditions of the plan?

If you are given a terms and conditions booklet of more than three or four pages, then you are in for trouble. The company should also not have the power to terminate you any time for vague reasons.