February 29, 2024

Hong Kong’s first Rummikub outdoor carnival is at Sau Mau Ping.

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Rummikub Carnival

This summer, the “Rummikub Carnival”, Hong Kong’s first large-scale outdoor carnival themed on the popular rummy game, will take place in Sau Mau Ping

Luciana Jury | via PR Newswire | Hong Kong’s first Rummikub outdoor carnival is at Sau Mau Ping. | HONG KONG — The Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre, located in Kwun Tong, is a popular destination for families since it consistently hosts a variety of summer events that contribute to the community’s growth and participation. The “Rummikub Carnival” will take place in Sau Mau Ping this summer. It will be Hong Kong’s first large-scale outdoor carnival themed on the popular rummy game, and it will feature a stunning four-meter-wide “Giant Rummikub Rack” that physically takes participants into the universe of the board game. Don’t miss out on the fun at the family gaming booths and the trial zone; there, participants who have a quick mind, a nimble body, and sharp eyes have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes. This intellectually stimulating event is a must-go this summer, so be sure to bring your friends and family with you.

In addition, the “Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre x Lei Yue Mun Plaza Rummikub Tournament” will begin in late August. This event will invite players of all ages from all around the city to compete in a competition that tests both their logical and strategic abilities.

There will be four free games with fabulous prizes up for grabs.

The outside area of Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre will be transformed into a “Rummikub Carnival” over the course of four weekends, complete with a “Giant Rummikub Rack” that is four meters wide and serves as the ideal backdrop for Instagram photos. The iconic three-row rack, which is crammed with enlarged numbered tiles and joker tiles, transports players on an incredible adventure into the world of Rummikub, where they may snap imaginative photos and exercise their mental and physical prowess. “Start Your Initial Play,” “Quick Shooter,” “Lucky Toss,” and “Rummikub Circuit” are the names of the four different game booths that have a Rummikub theme and allow players of all ages to test their mental acuity, motor skills, and memories. These game booths are designed to be kid-friendly and suitable for families. Participants can join for no cost and will be entered into a drawing for some amazing rewards. At the trial zone, even first-timers may enjoy themselves while getting a feel for the game in an atmosphere free of any kind of stress.

During the free “Rummikub Fun Day,” which will take place on two consecutive weekends on the 13–14 and 20–21 of August on the 1/F of Lei Yue Mun Plaza, fans of Rummikub will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of game booths and a trial zone. These events will take place on the 1/F of Lei Yue Mun Plaza.

The “Rummikub Tournament” Features Some of Hong Kong’s Best Players as Competitors.
Rummikub is an exhilarating game with 160 tiles that draws players of all ages, including senior citizens. It allows for an almost infinite number of possible combinations and requires logical thinking to play. Hong Kong’s Rummikub champions will be crowned at the “Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre x Lei Yue Mun Plaza Rummikub Tournament” in August. The tournament will be contested across three categories: Children’s Group (aged 6–11), Youth Group (aged 12–17), and Open Group. The goal of the tournament is to help promote the game among players of all ages, from the young to the young at heart (aged 18 or above). The first, second, and third place winners in each category will each get a trophy, a copy of the Rummikub 70th Anniversary Edition, and up to $3,000 in cash coupons respectively.

Participants who complete the challenge successfully will be awarded a player’s kit. This will consist of a drawstring bag from Rummikub including a limited-edition lanyard, shopping coupons, and health drinks. The number of participants allowed in each age category is restricted, and participation will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Personalized Canvas Rummikub Bag with “Back to School” Embroidery At Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre or Lei Yue Mun Plaza, Market Link members who have spent the required amount can exchange their receipts for a personalised Rummikub canvas bag. There is a selection of prints available for fans to choose from, allowing them to create their own unique fashions.

At conclusion, from the 25th to the 30th of August, the “Back to School” Market will be held in the Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre. Stop by to browse the selection of backpacks and exercise books that will be available at the market.

The aforementioned terms and conditions apply. The schedule is subject to modification at any time and without previous notice.