April 15, 2024

Red Dragon Farms CEO Dr. Robert Lo is a Stickler for Quality

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Dr. Robert Lo

LGiordani | Red Dragon Farms CEO Dr. Robert Lo is a Stickler for Quality | Angeles City, Philippines | Red Dragon Farms CEO Dr. Robert Lo is a Stickler for Quality | There are a number of well-known businesses that have garnered a reputation for being excellent over the years. It all starts with a personal dedication when it comes to Dr. Robert Lo’s personal conviction to quality and his resolve to lead the way for RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods Inc.’s customers and employees alike. Dr. Robert Lo is the founder and CEO of RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods Inc. The mission of his company to become the “Authority when it comes to quality” has been accomplished thanks to the investment made in quality business procedures and employees.

Dr. Robert Lo

RDF was initially established in 1988 as a contract poultry breeder by Dr. Lo, a veterinarian. In 2005, he opened his first butcher shop in Angeles City. It was called Fresh Options Meatshop, and it was housed in a cramped supermarket. Following a lengthy and challenging journey,

When Dr. Lo gained charge of RDF, one of the first things he did was construct a forward vertically integrated agrifood corporation. This company has all of the infrastructures that is required to make food, such as a slaughterhouse, meat cutting, processing plants, as well as restaurants. In regard to the topic of quality control, Dr. Lo has the following to say: “We control every area of our operations.” With more than three decades of experience, we have never wavered from our commitment to providing fresh meats and value-added food items that meet or exceed the highest international standards for food safety. This devotion has allowed RDF to become an industry leader.

Quality starts at the feed mill

As RDF extended its farm construction, the firm became aware of the requirement for increased grain storage capacity. The diets of swine and broilers contain up to sixty percent corn, which is used as a source of protein. In addition to being an excellent source of energy, it is also an excellent supply of essential nutrients such as iron, potassium, zinc, and vitamin A.

The corn silos at the RDF underwent testing and inspection in the month of February and are now ready for use.

Each silo is perfect for bulk storage since each silo has a capacity of 4,000 tons, has the ability to load up to 100 tons per hour, and has the capacity to dump 40 tons per hour. The following is a list of some of the most notable traits and benefits offered by the brand new corn silos:

  • In comparison to a conventional warehouse, silos offer superior storage space, which helps to maintain the high quality of the corn (i.e., they keep the grains safe over a period of time). In addition, moisture sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and corn level sensors have been put in the silos. A carbon dioxide sensor has the ability to detect the most common mycotoxins, which include aflatoxins.
  • Because of the enhanced buffer storage capacity, the effect of price swings in maize both before and after harvest will have less of a negative effect on farmers’ wallets.
  • Inventory management has become less difficult as a direct result of the software implemented in the silos.
Quality starts at the feed mill
RDF Silos
RDF Silos

Farms are GAHP- certified.

GAHP is an abbreviation that stands for “Good Animal Husbandry Practice,” as the name suggests. The company is required to submit an application for GAHP accreditation once every two years, as per the requirements of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Farms that produce RDF and are certified by the GAHP have demonstrated that they have satisfied the most stringent requirements for the welfare of animals and the safety of food along the whole supply chain. In addition to ensuring that the health and safety of workers are adequately safeguarded, the GAHP certification ensures that the company’s production techniques do not in any way endanger the environment or the health of the community in which the company is located.

GAHP certificate of Ayala Breeder farm
GAHP certificate of Ayala Breeder farm

Slaughterhouse and meat-cutting plant undergo FSSC

The Food Safety System Certification, sometimes known as FSSC, is a program that certifies food safety systems. By working toward earning this accreditation, RDF is proving its commitment to protecting the health and safety of the food supply available to both its customers and the wider public. They are keeping their fingers crossed that the certification will be accessible in the not-too-distant future.

Fresh, safe and clean meats at retail shops

In order to maintain their quality, safety, and suitability for human consumption, meat products must be transported and stored in conformity with a comprehensive set of regulations. RDF employs a cold chain system to transport all of its fresh and processed meat products to its meat shops, restaurants, and other institutional accounts. This is done with the intention of halting the growth of bacteria, which could be harmful to human health. Every retail location of Fresh Options has a “First-in, First-out” approach, which ensures that customers are only offered the most recent and delectably succulent cuts of meat.

To avoid contaminating other types of meat, each kind of meat should be stored in its own individual vertical cooler. Food safety, current Good Manufacturing Practice, and personal hygiene are all topics that are covered in training for quality assurance and retail workers. This training is designed to protect clients from potential health risks that could be caused by improperly handling meat.

Employees are the lifeblood of the company.

According to RDF’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the company’s employees is its most valuable asset, and the CEO believes that employee participation in the company’s complete quality program is crucial. Dr. Lo has been very supportive of his staff members’ professional growth and development in order to provide them with the agency they need. In addition to this, he enrolls his managers in colleges so that they can advance their education, and he mandates that they participate in workshops and seminars so that they can advance their education and hone their skills. All of this is done in an effort to produce more high-caliber champions for his team. Two of Dr. Lo’s business unit heads have reportedly passed and finished the ISO 9001:2015 Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course (Quality Management Systems), as reported by the Governing Board of the Institutional Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) (IRCA). Dr. Joy Michelle A. Literato is the Manager of Strategic and Operations Planning, and Dr. Camille Francesca T. Hernandez is the Manager of Technical Services and Quality Assurance. Both of these positions were recently filled.

In addition to this, Dr. Lo brings in outside consultants to act as role models for his employees and contribute to the development of an organization-wide emphasis on quality.

RDF Executive Committee

Dr. Lo also explains that RDF has prepared a business Pledge of Quality in order to assure that all of the company’s personnel will live and breathe the company’s aim and vision. By having employees wear the company’s t-shirts, management hopes to inspire workers to put in long hours, produce goods of a high quality that will satisfy customers, and collaborate with one another to enhance the overall quality of life.